Altak Industries Limited was established in 1990 as a manufacturer of plastic goods and wares. Altak is located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Altak was and is the pioneer plastic manufacturer in West Africa from its inception right through to its current market leader position.

Altak began its ascent to West Africa’s leading plastic manufacture with the introduction of the “Monobloc” plastic chair. The Monobloc chair is now the industry standard for the manufacture of every plastic chair. However it was Altak that first introduced the Monobloc to Nigeria in 1991 with the introduction of the TOSSA chair. Altak went on to further cement its pioneer status with the introduction of the first all plastic table in 1993. The simple fact that every plastic manufacturer in Nigeria has implemented these two founding technologies emphasises Altak’s commitment to innovation whilst revealing their competitors commitment to imitating.

Altak’s pioneering spirit has allowed them to introduce innovative and unique products such as the first all plastic school desk, and the first full reclining lounger to be manufactured in Nigeria. Furthermore they are the first manufacturer to combine their productive centre with their Marketing, Research and Design department to create table top and chair “Designs”. The designs range from garden style furniture to desks and chairs for educational institutes.

All of Altak’s designs are made in-house or through Altak’s affiliate design office in Europe. Their distinctive design and high quality finishes have established Altak as the market leader in their field of Plastic Furniture.